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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Butterfly Nebula, second try

This narrow band color image is a combination of two channels, H-alpha = Red
O-III = Blue. Green channel is Synthesized from Red and Blue. -
Conditions were not too good last night, hard wind and clouds.
Guiding was really difficult doe the wind but PHD-guiding software does its best.
There was jus enough gaps between clouds, that I managed shot data for H-alpha
and O-III not enough though.
Actually part of the frames are shot trough not so thin clouds, maybe
H-alpha acts as a cloud filter : )
S-II data had to be left to the next time after the clouds rolled in.
Part of the NGC6888 the "Crescent Nebula" can be seen in the bottom of the image.
Imaging data:
- Filters,
Baader 7nm H-alpha and Baader 8,5nm O-III
Tokina AT-X 300mm @ f2.8
- Exposures,
5 X 1200s H-alpha
3 X 1200 O-III
+ flats and bias
- Guiding,
LX200 GPS 12" + PHD-guiding and Lodestar

H-alpha channel

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