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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stereo Technique, general notes

When you process the image, it should be at original resolution or moderately
scaled down.
After all the processing is done, image has to be scaled down for viewing.
The rule of thumb is, that distance between two images should not be large than distance between eyes.
Large the picture is, the more difficult it is to form a stereo image.
With the Cross Vision method, the image scale can be somehow large.
Technique precented here is different, than one I have used for my images.
The reason is, that there is now no need for professional 3D-software.
It has some limitations, but overall the actual results are more or less similar.
Many astro Enthusiastics have done about similar things before with stereo images.
The main difference from this method is, that methods used usually are not very suitable for complex forms, like nebulas.
They are mainly based on simple methods, where objects are moved linear way to
create pseudo 3D-effect.
If based on real data from objects, those images can be pretty accurate presentaions of the real phenomens.
The reason I'm interested this kind of thigs is, that this way I can see the "real" nature of the object with my own eyes, and maybe I'm able to reveal some of the hidden beauty of the targets as well

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