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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Great Sh2-240 as a Stereo pair

Image pair for Parallel Vision Image pair for Cross Vision
I made this stereo pair again.
I have improved my method even more accurate.
The 3D impression is "realistic" vision of the object as it is a
3d structure floating in the space.
This is a artistic visualisation of the object, not the accurate presentation of real distances.
How ever, I have based distance information to different kind of data, that can be read out
of the original RAW-image data.
For example, star magnitude is used to determine star levels in 3D-image.
In nebula area of image I have used level of gray to determinite its location in Z-axel, but with nonlinear manner.
As usual, there is two versions.
One for parallel vision, and the other one for cross vision method.
Thats becouce some part of the viewers can see one of the method in 3D, but not
the other. (I can't see cross vision images)
In parallel freeviewing the image for the left eye is on the left and the image for the right eye is on the right. You stare into the screen so that your eyes are aimed (more or less) parallel. As you stare into the screen you will get double vision as each eye sees the L & R images separately. When you are staring in at the right distance the middle two images will overlap and become 3d. The outer two images will remain and will still be 2d.
In cross eye freeviewing the image for the left eye is on the right and the image for the right eye is on the left. You stare at a point about 1/2 way to the screen so that your eye's gaze is crossing at the half way point. Thus the left eye sees the correct image which is on the right. As you cross your eyes the image will go double. When your eyes are crossed the correct amount the middle images will overlap and be in 3d. The two outer images will remain and will be in 2d.

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AThinker said...

these images are just amazing to look at