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Sunday, March 16, 2008

NGC 4216 & friends

This image is from same night than M51. In this area, there is so many dim edge on galaxys for some reason. At the time I shoot this group, the elevation was low, between 24-30 degrees. That has some effect to the sharpness, but there is still some details visible in central galaxy. Just above NGC 4216, there is a Bluish object. I was not able to recodnice it. It could be a comet? At the time span of 2h 45min. it does not appear to move, or it moves very small amount. (I think there is some minor trailing visible in the closeup image) Exposures: 11 x 900s = 2h 45min. + Flat and Bias farmes Telescope: LX200 GPS 12" + FR f6.4 Guiding: SXV-AO and LodeStar guider Object I ment in previous text is marked here with lines UPDATE: This is fast! I just uploaded the image to the Cloudy Nights forum and right a way FrankZ posted information about this object! "TheSky 6 tells me that this is IC 771 (PGC 39176)! Type is spiral galaxy. Found in the Catalog of principal galaxies (PGC)." Thanks a lot Frank!

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