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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

M81, 3D transformation

This is example image of three dimensional transformation.
Original 2D image of M81 is now turned to freely rotatable object.
Pretty far from actual astro photography, umh...
Interesting tough.


Rick said...

That a great image!

What program did you use to do the 3d transformation?


Rick Murray

J-P Metsävainio said...

There is several programs used in
the process.
I will write an article about whole
processing tecnique in near future.

list of SW.

TrueSpace 3D software
Bmp2Cnc for grasyscale to height

I'll try to write istructions how to do this with freeware SW.

Rick said...

Thanks J-P. A tutorial would be most welcome.

I took an image of M104 in January that had so much detail in the upper portion of the galaxy that I've been trying unsucessfully to do a partial 3D rotation to see more of it face on.