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Thursday, March 20, 2008

IC 1396 & Dark nebulas in Hydrogen Alpha light

After playing with 3D stuff I returned back to real astro imaging. Last night was allmost full Moon and doe that I selected the target from opposite side of the sky. IC 1396 was about 30-36 degrees above horizont during the capturing. IC 1396 is a large emission nebula. Image scale fits well with field of view of Canon FD 200mm f2.8 lens. There is lots of faint nebulosity around the field. Dark nebulas, visible in image, are dark hydrogen clouds and they are blocking light from background stars. One part of the large nebula is a famous "Elephant's Trunk Nebula", seen in lower part of the image.
IMAGING DETAILS Optics: Canon FD 200mm f2.8 lens with full aperature Camera: QHY8 Platform and guiding: LX200 GPS 12" with QHY5 guider and PHD-guiding Exposures: 6 x 1800s = 3 hours + Flats and Bias frames, no darks Filter: Baader 7nm H-alpha

Elephant's Trunk detail from 10.12.2007

Older image of the "Elephant's Trunk", with longer FL

This formation can be seen in upper image. (lower part of the picture).

LX200 GPS 12" f6.3 + SXV-AO (Active Optics system) H-a 4h Elephants trunk nebula in IC 1396

Parallel Vision Stereo Image Cross Vision Stereo Image

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