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Friday, February 29, 2008

Litle test, jus for fun

This is a sample about 3D-transform.
In the left side image the great galaxy of Andromeda is seen as normally.
On the right side image the same galaxy is twisted,
so that you are able to see it as seen from above.
Original image was not very high quality, but even tough, more
general structure can be seen in this manner.
It looks like the spiral structure is more visible in the right hand image.
I'll like to try this to some high resolution, nearly on edge galaxy, later.
I did this tarnsform under PhotoShop this time. by
using simple tretch.
Better results can be archived with real 3D-software, where I can project the image
to a real 3D-surface and rotate it to an any angle i like.´I'll try that later.

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