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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

IC 405 & IC410

Flaming Star nebula and its companion forms a beautiful pair.
Image is quite deep doe the fast 200mm f2.8 lens and three hours of exposures,
there is lots of nebulosity visible around main objects.
I'll shoot color for this later.
This is a emission nebula but in the Flaming Star part there should be
som bluish reflection nebulosity as well, lets see if I'm able to pick it up.
I had a lot of technical problems last night. There is a heater strip in the camera assembly to prevent dewing. In some state I managed to destroy the power plug.
I can tell, it's not a nice job to do soldering at snow with freezing wind and darkness.
After that I dropped some essential parts in the deep snow and did spend an hour to looking for them.
Image info:
Canon FD 200mm f2.8 lens coupled with QHY8 6mb cooled color camera.
7nm H-alpha filter
Exposures 9 x 1200s = 3 hours
Guiding and platform LX200 GPS 12" with QHY5 guider.
Processing in CCDStack and PS.

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