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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Horse head nebula, IC 434

I'm not happy with this image at all, but since
I finally managed to capture this nebula with some color I put it here.
Up here the maximum elevation for IC 434 is about 21 degree and when target is in its moust Southern point, the view is blocked by the buildings.
That means lots of turbulent air between target and telescope.
When I was shooting the RGB channels, target was only 10 degrees abowe horizont.
There is a way too few exposures for this relatively dimm object, only two hours of H-a.
6 x 1200s for H-alpha and 4 x 660s for RGB channels with IDAS LP filter.
Actually I shoot half of the frames between neon signs at top of the opposite building.
Telescope LX200 GPS 12" @ f6.3
Camera QHY8
Guiding SXV-AO, active optics unit.
Here is the H-alpha channel only

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