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Monday, January 14, 2008

QHY8 Narrowband information, update

I have recived info about QHY8's Bayer matrix filter's spectral responce: Blue portion of the Bayer matrix in QHY8 = 460nm Green portion of the Bayer matrix in QHY8 = 540nm In Baader UHC-filter O-III and H-beta are in same block.

In the image can be seen, that first slot in filter contain wavelenghts between about 460-540nm. ( H-beta & O-III) When compared to QHY8's spectral responce, it looks like most of the O-III is ending up to the Green pixels and H-beta is ending up to the Blue pixels. There is overlapping and some weak parts, but least in theory, those wavelenghts can be separated in some amount. When weather allows, I'll test this under real skys. I guess, longer integration time will be needed. This is possible only with Bayer matrix color camera. When grayscale camera is used, all the information will end up to the same channel, sorry.

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