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Thursday, January 31, 2008

M82 Galaxy with & without H-alpha light

Details: Guiding with active optics, SXV-AO with single shot QHY8 cooled 6mb astrocamera. Platform, LX200 GPS 12"@f6.3 Exposures: RGB with IDAS LP filter, 11x900s. 6x1200 + 6x2400s with 7nm H-alpha filter. Same galaxy but without H-alpha information. 11x900s with IDAS LP filter


Matthias said...

wow... just took an image with my QHY6 (ALccd5.2) from M82... without an H-alpha. So i guess it's recommended to buy an 7nm Filter ? what do you think ?
thanks for reply
Matthias, Korschenbroich (Neuss) Germany

J-P Metsävainio said...

Nice image Matthias!

H-alpha brings out more details, if there is an active emission in H-alpha line.
Be warned though!
Needed exposure times are long and practical minimum sub exposure time is about 20min! You need to have a good mount, guiding and polar align for that.
H-alpha is very good filter for emission nebulae. It can bring out some active regions in Galaxies too, if there is ones.