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Thursday, January 24, 2008

IC 1805 core, color added

The core of IC 1805 4h of H-a
LX200 GPS 12" f6.3 + SXV-AO (Active Optics system) and famous QHY8
Added 2h of RGB data trough UHC-s filter
H-alpha RGB combination method under PS:
Both, H-a and RGB, processed first separetly by usual manner.
H-a converted to RGB format + Blue&Green channels filled with black.
(Reult is a Red image)
Red image is pasted top of the RGB as "lighten"
Red images gamma set to litle bit lighter, about 1,25
Flatten image.
This image is then copyed to top of the original grayscale image in "lighten" mode.
Flatten image.
This image is pasted to top of the RGB Ha combination image and used
as luminance with about 50% opacity.
Color balance + other small tweaking.

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