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Friday, January 18, 2008

Elephant trunk Nebula, reprocessed

I did this object again from the scratch.
H-alpha blending to the RGB-data was not too good in ealier version.
This time the method was:
R-channel = Ha80% +R
G-Channel = as it
B-channel = Ha15% +B
Ha luminance 49%
After this I added some saturation and use the Ha luminance again with 40% opacity+Color balancing. This method is similar to LLRGB method, where luminance data is used twise.
From the Ha data i used only the first 4h and skip the last 2,5 hours, becouse the later data
was effected by strong wind and bad seeing. Partly for that the stars are much tighter.
Active optics was used for both, Ha and RGB, datas.

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