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Monday, December 31, 2007

SXV-AO, Active Optics sytem first light

Comparison image of AO and no AO system.
On the left side Bubble nebula 4h HaRGB image, guided with SXV-AO.
On the right side, older, 2h UHC RGB image from spring 2007.
Right side image is guided with traditional sytem, ED80+QHY5 camera and PHD-guiding.
LX200 GPS 12", QHY8 cooled 6mb color cam.
4h H-a + 2h RGB with UHC-filter
Image of the AO-unit, from the telescope side Assembly
STEREO 3D tests, just fof fun!
STEREO image test for "parallel viewing"
STEREO image test for "cross vision"

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